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Tips for saving water in your life

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Tips for saving water in your life

Household water use is mainly concentrated on faucets, toilets and showerheads. Now more and more residents begin to care about their sanitary ware is water-saving with their awareness of water conservation. Of course the higher price of water is also in consideration. The following tips can help you solve problems if your sanitary ware are wastewater.


1. Using a mesh nozzle.

Faucet is the most frequently used in our daily life. So it will directly cause a lot of water waste if it does not save water.

At present, there is a kind of water-saving faucet with upward spraying on the market. This faucet adopts the steering method to change the direction of the water flow, so that the water flow can be sprayed upwards. There are multi-layer filters inside to reduce the impurities in the water. The hole can disperse the pressure of the water column sprayed upwards, so as to reduce the unit flow of water.

If you don't want to spend the money to replace a faucet, it is also possible to do a small "modification" of the faucet yourself. Find one or make a mesh-like nozzle and install it on the faucet. The small water holes on the nozzle will make the water flow appear larger. This can remind you to control the flow of water for water saving.


2. Controlling water use in toilets.

Most of the toilets are 6 liters or double gear (3 liters and 6 liters). But sometimes even 3 liters of water flush also waste.

It's easy to make some "modifications" to the toilet. For example, we can put a brick or a bottle full of water in the tank to reduce the amount of water in it.

If you attach a new bathroom, you can choose a more water-saving toilet. A pressure-saving type of toilet flush all the dirt with only 3 liters of water through the use of compressed air thrust. Its secret is the use of an air pressure water saving tank.


3. Enhancing shower enjoyment.

If the function of the shower nozzle is relatively single, you can change a nozzle adjust the size of the water flow and the shape of the water column. So that you can control the flow of water when taking a bath to saving water.

Or you can just replace a water-saving shower head. Placing a bubbler inside the shower can form pressure on the water flow and denser the water. Thus reduce the amount of water produced. If you want something more advanced, replace it with an oxygenated shower head that can incorporate air. Using only half the normal water pressure, the shower can produce enough water for bathing and give a massage effect.


4. Using a Smart Toilet.

The smart toilet originated in the United States for medical and geriatric care. At present, the smart toilet on the market is generally divided into two kinds: one is the smart toilet with cleaning, heating, sterilization, etc., and the other is the smart toilet that can automatically replace the film.

Smart toilet is a hot topic in the bathroom industry. It is the trend of bathroom development in the future. It is water saving from the source to save water except its gorgeous  apperance. It can effectively save energy consumption through the cycle power saving function. The built-in blue luminous light can avoid the need to turn on the light when using  toilet at night and reduce the stimulation of the light on the eyes and brain.


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