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How to pick the right basin for you

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How to pick the right basin for you

As one of the essential sanitary wares in the bathroom, the selection of the basin has important considerations. Then how to pick an excellent basin? The following three steps should help you.

1.Basin Size

If you want a beautiful and safe basin, the length of the countertop should more than seventy-five centimeters. The width shoulf more than fifty centimeters. If you pefer hanging washbasin, whether the installation of the wall is a load-bearing wall need to be in your consideration. And the thickness of the wall should be at least ten centimeters above can be installed, otherwise it is not solid.


2. Water Absorption Rate of Basin

Make sure it has a good water absorption rate before you buy a ceramic basin from the market. Usually, the lower water absorption rate, the better quality of the basin. Ceramics absorb too much water will expand and lead to cracking.  According to the relevant standards, a good sanitary ware's water absorption rate will not exceed three percent of the ceramic bathroom.


3. Basin glaze

Finally, remember to observe the glaze of the sanitary wares. If the glaze is dirt-resistant and flat and shiny, it proves that it is good quality. This product is easy to clean, even after a long time of use still shine. When you are shopping, you need to compare and observe the surface to see if there are any color spots, bubbles or pinholes.

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Based on these three points, I'm sure you'll pick the excellent basin.

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