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How to choose a high quality and eco-friendly toilet

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How to choose a high quality and eco-friendly toilet


The bathroom is the most important part of the decoration, and the toilet is the most critical product in the bathroom. Thus its purchase is particularly important.

In China, the production and use of the toilet flushing volume are basically in 12 liters or so, the pollution and waste of water is extremely serious. Now the toilet should be used to flush the volume of 6 liters of water-saving toilets. Water-saving type of toilet drainage although small,  using siphon completely able to flush thoroughly.

1. Determine how the toilet flushes and the size of the installation

You must first measure the center of the outlet from the blank wall distance before buying the toilet. This distance is what we generally known as the pit distance. Now the general building to 305mm, 400mm the two sizes of the pit distance. After determining the pit distance, we should choose the flushing method. The choice of flushing method is very important, it may have a significant impact on the toilet flushing effect.


2. One-piece & Two-piece Toilet

One-piece toilet: There is no connection part outside, so it is easy to clean and install easily, but it is more expensive.

Two-piece toilet: Consists of two parts, the water tank and the base. In the connection may cause dirt, not suitable for cleaning, but the price is cheaper.


3. Supporting products must match the style and color

The number of ceramic products in the bathroom is more than one. Ceramic products such as toilets, washers, soap boxes, hand towel boxes, mop pools and other shapes and colors only consistent or close to be harmonious and beautiful.


4. Choosing water-saving products

There is often a misconception that the smaller the tank, the more water efficient it is when it comes to choosing a water efficient toilet. 

In fact, whether the toilet is water-saving does not depend entirely on the size of the tank, mainly in the toilet flushing and drainage system and the design of the tank fittings. Toilet water tank small, but the flushing performance poor. A flush is not clean, you have to flush two or three times till it clean.

Some toilet water tank is not small, but the water tank storage line is very low, flushing is as good as water-saving. So whether the toilet water-saving, we can't just look at the size of the tank and just listen to dealer. We should ask dealers for the national technical supervision institutions of the product test report, to its marked toilet flushing volume shall prevail. 


Follow these four steps for selecting a toilet, I'm sure you'll be looking for results you'll be happy with.

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