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Bathroom Decoration Budget Savings

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Bathroom Decoration Budget Savings

Generally speaking, two-room units will be equipped with 3-4 square meters of toilet. Three-room apartment type, if there are two bathrooms, the area of the main bathroom is about 4-8 square meters, and the passenger area will be slightly smaller. How to plan a washing, showering and toilet area in this small square meter area should be carefully considered.

1. Make a budget allocation table

Before decoration, the cost can be divided into hard decoration, sanitary ware, accessories and electrical costs, to clarify the cost distribution of their own bathroom decoration. Because there are too many works involved in toilets, the wages are actually a relatively large piece of the cost. Usually a 5 square meters bathroom, the minimum wage will cost more than $345. But the price is also related to the decoration method. For example, there is a price range of $5-$10/㎡ for installing waterproof functions on the ground. In addition, if you are looking for a decoration company, their quotation generally includes accessories. For example, the cement river sand when tiling, the keel when suspending the ceiling, and the water pipes and wires when the hydropower transformation.

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2. Discuss the design plan before purchasing materials

For owners whose autonomy is not particularly strong, the main materials such as wall and floor tiles, bathroom doors, and water retaining stones, their colors and styles can be based on the requirements of the design scheme. In the early planning, the size and area of the bathroom can be measured. For example, the price difference between different brands and different grades of tiles is quite obvious, the price of high-end tiles is more than 200 yuan /㎡, and the price of low-grade types can be about 40 yuan /㎡. So this can reflect the importance of design planning.

Secondly, the design scheme also has an important role, which is the division of professional areas. For example, the installation position of the toilet is best installed in accordance with the drainage pipe reserved by the developer. Try not to move the floor drain, otherwise it is easy to cause poor drainage and affect the later living comfort. After the area is allocated, the size of the toilet, shower, toiletries and so on is clear at a glance, and the risk of those main materials being purchased but not installed will be greatly reduced.

3. A complete set of sanitary ware

A full set of sanitary ware generally includes: shower, faucet, toilet, basin - basin and so on. Different brand grades, different substrates, the price difference will be very large, so in the face of a wide range of bathroom products, owners often do not know how to start.


(1) Bathroom cabinet

The right bathroom cabinet can not only make the bathroom a whole, but also the embodiment of fashion taste. The purchase of bathroom cabinets mainly looks at two parts: countertop and cabinet. On the market, ceramic, marble and quartz stone three countertops are more common. Generally speaking, marble and quartz stone are higher in hardness, strength and wear resistance, and safe and convenient, so the choice of owners is more. The cabinet, solid wood, ceramic, PVC, acrylic are widely used in recent years. The grade of solid wood cabinet is relatively high, but it is easy to dry and crack, which is suitable for bathroom with clear division of dry and wet; PVC is light, waterproof, but easy to deform; Ceramic and Aggreko bathroom cabinets are diverse and easy to take care of, but they are easy to scratch, but the price is cheap.

(2) Toilet or squat stool

As an important object of the bathroom, the choice of the toilet or squatting stool is not only related to the overall effect of the bathroom, but also has a great impact on the experience of living. For families with more people, if there are two toilets, it is best to use one toilet and one squat. If there is only one bathroom, choose according to living habits.

The market price of brand toilet is generally more than 1000 yuan/one. When buying, you can use your hand to go deep into the pipe mouth, whether the touch is smooth, if the spray glaze shows that the workmanship is fine and trustworthy, and on the contrary, the rough is easy to leak. In addition, the flushing method of the toilet is also particular, the siphon toilet flush-fast, and clean without sound, suitable for owners with high toilet requirements. It should be noted that before formally ordering, it is best to measure the distance between the water outlet and the wall and the distance from the ground in order to determine whether to purchase the toilet with lower drainage or after drainage.

(3) Faucets & shower heads

The upgrading speed of faucets in these years is very fast, from the old cast iron faucet to the current copper faucet. Although the price of copper will be slightly higher, because "copper ions" have a bactericidal effect, it has become the most suitable carrier for water. However, the copper content needs to be 58% to 60%. Otherwise, the copper content is too low, the faucet is easy to crack, and long-term use will have a certain degree of health risks.

For the shower, the installation can also be hidden or open, a wide variety of. When purchasing, you need to ask the spool material, reasonable choice of water outlet and nozzle size, it is recommended to choose the shower brand, a good brand not only quality, more perfect after-sales system, safe and assured use.

4. Hardware pendant

The so-called bathroom hardware generally refers to the items such as towels, soap, toiletries, etc. Such as towel bar, bath towel holder, toilet brush, soap box and so on. Although these things don't cost much, they are the most practical. When purchasing, we should put practicality in the first place, and then consider beauty. If it is an economical decoration, the necessity of installing a bathtub is not very large. However, in order to achieve dry and wet separation, you can plan a separate shower room, and choose a simple closed ceiling light and so on.


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