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How to Choose the Right Toilet

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How to Choose the Right Toilet

Although the humble toilet isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of a visually stunning bathroom, it’s still an important element with just as many varieties to choose from as other plumbing fixtures. Choosing well the first time (and resisting the temptation to cut corners) will avoid regrets and possibly more expense down the road. Read on for a handy breakdown of key features you should consider before settling on the right fixture for you.

One Piece vs. Two

Two-piece toilets

Two-piece toilets, consisting of a separate tank and seat base, are the more common option. The pieces are made to fit together, but they’ll always have some sort of seam, which can become a trouble spot for cleaning.
Two-piece toilets have the advantage of being easier to transport and carry, which can be important for DIYers, especially if the toilet needs to be carried up stairs.

two piece toilet

One-piece toilets

One-piece toilets tend to be a little more high-end and expensive, although prices and quality vary widely, as with two-piece toilets. This style is seamless, providing a modern look and one less place for soil and germs to hide.

one piece toilet

It’s worth noting that one-piece toilets can come in relatively traditional-looking styles as well, so if installation isn’t an issue and it fits your budget, a one-piece is generally the more recommended choice regardless of your decor type. However, for some people the classic charm of the two-piece style is worth the extra cleaning effort.

Both styles have their advantages, so it largely comes down to personal preference.

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