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Practical Bathroom Design Ideas From Spring 2020’s Top Photos

Views: 3365     Author: BG bathroom ceramic sanitary ware manufacturer     Publish Time: 2023-07-10      Origin: Toilet


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Practical Bathroom Design Ideas From Spring 2020’s Top Photos

If you’re looking to save space and add style in a bathroom, these six ideas have you covered. Consider custom storage towers on your vanity countertop, an oversize shower niche, all-brass finishes and more design details from these popular bathroom photos uploaded to Houzz in spring 2020.

1. Tower Storage

Tower Storage

Finding clever ways to add storage is key to creating a user-friendly bathroom.   For this California bathroom makeover, designer added storage towers on the countertop for easy access to items such as skin care products, right at eye level.   It’s a concept similar to pullout spice racks flanking a range in a kitchen.

2. Pendants Instead of Sconces

If wall space is limited in your bathroom, consider dropping pendant lights from the ceiling rather than trying to squeeze in sconces. The design team at City Homes added a pair of stylish pendant lights to this Minneapolis bathroom, freeing up space for a larger mirror above the floating vanity.

Pendants Instead of Sconces

3. Supersize Niches

A shower niche adds storage for bathing products without taking up too much space.   But if you find most shower niches too small, there’s no reason you can’t extend them, especially vertically between the wall studs.Designer added an oversize shower niche to this bathroom that not only creates extra storage but also draws the eye upward to make the space appear larger


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